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Quality waterproof fitness trackers for swimming, triathlon and more!

Garmin Vivosmart HR+ Review

In a 23 worded sentence, the is a monster of a fitness tracker that has GPS capability and an all day optical heart rate tracking. So how does the HR+ stand up?...

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Garmin Vivoactive HR

Ok, let's see how we can sum up this in a few words - an 'All Rounder', 'Jack of All Trades', 'Swiss Army Knife', 'All in One' ... of a Garmin fitness tracker...

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Top 10 Garmin Fitness Tracker Wearables

Discover 10 of the best Garmin Fitness Tracker Watches

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William is seriously looking to replace his Fitbit Charge with a Garmin Fitness Tracker as it packs more features and is more smart-friendly.  He does not want to lose the basics – it must have activity tracking like step counting, heart rate monitoring, and comfort – but is keen on an activity tracker with proper smart notifications. Maximizing performance is a top priority and he doesn’t mind a tad of style too. Below are the top 10 Garmin fitness trackers that will suit.

William and his wife, Amelia are kinda fit – half serious joggers who tries their best to go for run and walk during the weekends but William’s brothers, Chris, is a serious fitness warrior who enjoys a swim, a cycle and a run three, four times a week plus the Sunday golf. And now the 3 fitness goers believe it is time to switch up to the Garmin fitness tracker that offers more smarts and tracking features. Each of them prefers a fitness tracker watch over a smartwatch but they are not too sure which Garmin fitness tracker to park their cash.  William likes the Vivosmart HR+ but is not sure if this is it.

The Budget – William and Amelia $230, Chris $600

The Shortlist – 10 Garmin Fitness Tracker Watches

We’ve pared down Garmin’s production of fitness wearables to a list of the 10 best of Garmin Fitness trackers most suited to each category from activity tracking, running, swimming, cycling, multi sport and triathlon.  As well, the prices will suit any Garmin fitness fan, especially William, Amelia and Chris, as the prices range from a touch under $100 to $600.

Some Important Matters of the Garmin Fitness Tracker –

Waterproof for Swimming

All Garmin fitness tracker watches can be used for swimming and be worn during a bath or shower!

Idle Alerts

While idle/ inactivity alerts are the ‘norm’ now, you can expect this with all Garmin fitness trackers – if you have been lazy, a red inactivity bar will gradually fill and move up in segments over an hour along the left side of the Garmin fitness tracker. To clear the red move bar, you must start walking between about 100-150 meters

Intensity Minutes

Recently introduced in 2015, all Garmin fitness wearables are designed to drive you to accomplish a target goal of at least 150 minutes worth of exercise every week. Basically, exercising that will get your Heart Rate up. This follows a general health guideline of 30 minutes of exercise a day, 5 days a week. That means, 5 days, 30 workout minutes = 150 minutes

Smart notifications

Garmin has fantastic push notifications and it literally takes whatever the smartphone throws at it. Notifications include sms messages, calls, emails, calendar reminders, weather updates, social media alerts and anything from WhatsApp, Instagram to Snapchat, and so on

Vivo Series Move IQ

In the Garmin world, the Vivo represents a range of fitness trackers, from Vivofit, Vivoactive HR, Vivosmart HR+, Vivofriesandburger, you get the gist. The Vivo range was previously designed for general activity tracking which included sleep. Although it is still true today, it has recently added an automatic sport recognition feature, the Move IQ

Top 10 Garmin Fitness Tracker Wearables

Let’s now look at the most suitable Garmin Fitness tracker wearables for you and our 3 friends. Drum Roll Please …

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