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So, who are we? We’re just a couple of guys who loves toying around with gadgets like fitness tracker watches.  Although , we are not weekend fitness buffs, we try to keep in shape by walking and the odd run when we have the chance. As well, we try to eat sensibly and stick to a sensible plate or serving portion.  For sure, we detests fad diets or diets that suggest we cut out any food groups.  As you can tell, we have “dad bods”, and we’re kinda proud (but we’re not obese) – we just need some pushing to get to the gym.

Anyways, we have found that Fitbit and the Garmin Fitness Tracker watches are the 3 most popular fitness wearables, and since we own a couple of them, especially Garmin Fitness Trackers, we thought why not and set up a website summary and review of the Garmin Fitness Trackers.

The great thing about Garmin activity trackers are – built for swimming, have solid smart notification performance (we hate to miss calls and messages), built for the casual fitness hack to the super crazy fit show off! Plenty of variety that will suit anyone, and at any level of fitness.

We’re sure you will find the information useful and if you really want to find the right kind of Garmin activity tracker amongst the many wearables, you should check out our top 10 list of the best Garmin Fitness Tracker Watches.